Partner with Us!

Genie Authentication can help you maximise your sales revenue, profits and business growth whilst increasing consumer trust, eliminating consumer authenticity concerns and help improve your business' reputation. Not only this, but Genie Authentication can reduce time spent dealing with counterfeit goods and help minimize financial loss through our certificate's supporting your claims, disputes and return requests to achieve refunds on counterfeit goods. What's not to love!

Why Partner with Us?

Partner's receive multiple benefits such as discounted pricing, authentication priority, direct WhatsApp communication with us and access to new services first.

What are the benefits of a Genie Certificate of Authenticity?

1. Genie COA's can be provided in your sales listings to sell your items quicker and for a higher price, as our COA's increase consumer trust and eliminate authenticity concerns which can often be the reasons why consumer's choose not to go ahead with a purchase!

2. Genie COA's can be provided as evidence in any cases, claims or disputes filed against you as a seller or filed against sellers on item's you have purchased and believe may be counterfeit. Although we can not guarantee a specific outcome, our COA's currently have a 100% success rate in all claims made using them as evidence so far.

3. Genie COA's can enable quicker returns and refunds on counterfeit items, helping you re-claim any financial loss and improving your business' cashflow.

4. Minimise wasted time dealing with counterfeits or attempting to authenticate them, leave it to our team of experts to handle! Our research found that 71% of second-hand sellers and businesses use authentication services, so you are not alone!

How do I apply to become a Partner?

Anyone or any business can apply to become a Genie Partner. However, please note that Genie partnership is a white glove service and we will only accept applicants that meet our criteria to access the exclusive benefits.

Interested? Click here to contact us and submit your application.

Please use the following format as a template for your application.

1. What is your business name?

2. Where is your business located?

3. What are your social and/or marketplace @ handles?

4. Approximately how many authentications do you require per month?

5. Why should we partner with you and/or your business?

Alternatively, send us an application directly via email to