To prevent fraud and impersonation of Genie Authentication certificates, we have a database which stores every Genie Authentication certificate that has been issued, and we highly recommend validating a certificate and the information presented within it. You can do this in 2 unique ways.

1. Scan the Unique QR Code on your certificate. 

2. Search the Unique certificate reference on your certificate using our website's search feature. 

Both methods should bring you to the stored certificate on our website's database.

We highly recommend that you validate all the information presented within a Genie Authentication certificate against our stored database certificate ensuring that the images, certificate holder, certificate reference, issue date and brand are all the same. We also recommend that you ensure the QR code takes you to the same certificate stored on our website's database when scanned.

If any Genie Authentication certificate is different in any way to what is stored on our database, then it is an impersonated certificate.