Frequently Asked Questions:

What photos should I upload for quick authentication?

For the quickest possible authentication, please try and upload as many up-close and clear quality pictures of the following:
1. Front of item
2. Back of item
3. Side of item (Applicable for Shoes)
4. Image of Sole (Applicable for Shoes)
5. Any Neck Labels
6. Any Size Labels
7. Any Wash Labels (All sides of wash labels are preferred)
8. Any Serial Codes, Date Codes or Heatstamps
9. Any Badges or Logos
10. Any Buttons, Zips or Zip Tags
11. Any Hardware and Engravings
12. Any QR Codes or Holograms
13. Any additional details you deem may be crucial to assist in the authentication
14. Any additional items that come alongside the product (e.g: dust bag, box, receipt, original tags, order confirmation, authenticity cards, etc)
A minimum of 3 images must be uploaded in order to be able to purchase an authentication, and we currently allow up to 20 images to be uploaded. If you do not upload enough pictures for our team to authenticate your item’s or if the pictures are blurry or not of a sufficient quality, we may have to contact you requesting more which will delay the authentication process. Please note that all of our turnaround guarantee's are only applicable from the moment that we receive sufficient images, whether that is when your order is placed or upon sending us additional images from our request.

Why should I trust Genie Authentication?

Genie Authentication are digital authentication specialists, with a team of brand experts located across the globe each holding multiple years experience authenticating within the designer and luxury market. Our experts are designer enthusiasts possessing an extensive range of knowledge of various designer brands and can successfully help you determine the authenticity of your items.
Pair this knowledge with our quick turnaround time, affordable price and a certificate of authenticity issued on every authentication makes Genie the perfect place for all of your designer authentication needs!

How does a Genie certificate of authenticity help me?

Genie's certificate's of authenticity can assist you in multiple ways:
If your item is found to be counterfeit, our certificate of authenticity is an essential piece of evidence to help prove this and reclaim your full refund. You can open a claim/dispute either on the marketplace you purchased the goods from or with your payment provider using our certificate as independent third-party evidence of the counterfeit item. In most cases, a Genie certificate of authenticity alone is sufficient evidence to obtain a full refund.
If your item is found to be authentic, our certificate of authenticity is an essential piece of evidence to prove this not only to yourself but also to others. Genie's certificate helps ensure that you are not scammed or conned into buying and using replica goods unknowingly. Not only this, but when you come to sell the item, you can provide our certificate as evidence of the item being authentic and your customer's can verify the certificate using our database. This relieves any customer authenticity concerns, enabling you to sell your items for more money and quicker than ever. 
As you can see, a Genie certificate of authenticity can do a lot more than simply inform you whether your item is authentic or counterfeit! It also helps you either reclaim your full refund for counterfeit goods, or assists in selling authentic goods. What's not to love!

How long do authentications take?

Genie Authentication endeavour’s to verify the authenticity of your item and issue a certificate of authenticity as quickly as possible. Due to large volumes of authentication requests, we provide a 24 hour turnaround guarantee as a minimum on ALL authentication order's placed with us. We also provide the option to upgrade to a quicker turnaround guarantee for an additional cost. If you require an authentication within a given timeframe, please choose the appropriate turnaround guarantee when purchasing authentication with us, otherwise we cannot guarantee that your authentication will be done in time.

What happens if you cannot reach an authentication outcome?

Human authenticators are the driving force behing our digital authentication service. Rest assured that our experts meticulously assess all the uploaded details of your item's and if our experts are not confident beyond reasonable doubt in an item's authentication outcome, then we will issue you a full refund. Although this means you do not receive an outcome that you desired, it means that any outcome's that Genie provides are informed decisions by our team of brand experts who are confident beyond reasonable doubt in the outcome's we provide. By doing this we ultimately make less revenue, however this ensures we maintain the highest accuracy possible, which we believe is the most important aspect in designer authentication.

I need multiple authentications, can I have a discount?

Sure! Sign up to one of our subscription plans by clicking here to receive up to 40% off your authentications with us!

I have a question that's not listed here, what can I do?

If you have any further questions, click here to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!